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Ysmael Reyes (Flute)


by Ysmael Reyes & Susan Olenwine

Clear Note
Clear Note
Incanto, this first recording by flutist Ysmael Reyes, treats us to the the beauty and liveliness of contemporary Venezuela. Choosing works he has close ties with, from the last decades of the twentieth century, to the present day.
Incanto - Ysmael Reyes - Flute and Susan Olenwine - Piano

"Every time I perform these works I am transported to a earlier time, bringing me closer to home, family and tradition. These remarkable pieces encourage me to keep digging into the music and culture of Venezuela, and promote its greatest composers."

Ysmael Reyes

El Bachiano for solo flute Raimundo Pineda (b. 1967)

Solo de Pajarillo for solo flute Omar Acosta (b. 1964)

Canto Aborigen, Siete Recreaciones …
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Clear Note

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