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Tommy Morgan (Harmonica)

Classic Musicals

by Tommy Morgan & Gregg Nestor

Clear Note
Clear Note
Forget the notion that harmonica music is all about westerns or music around a campfire. Think more along the lines of chamber music. Substitute Rodgers and Gershwin for Mozart and Beethoven and you’ll get the idea of what this CD has to offer.
It was said by esteemed musicologist Deems Taylor, that familiar staples of the concert repertoire should be placed under a five-year moratorium, during which time their existence would be conveniently forgotten, and then brought out of retirement to be enjoyed again.

How many times have you heard Gershwin, Rodgers, Willson, and Strouse? Why would you want yet another recording? Do you really need another Swanee (1919) in your collection? The answer is a resounding yes because …
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Clear Note

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