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Stephen Ng (Voice)

The Diary of One Who Vanished

by Stephen Ng & Andrea Marie Baiocchi

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Clear Note
The Diary of One Who Vanished (Czech: Zápisník zmizelého) is a song cycle for tenor, alto, three female voices and piano, written by Czech composer Leoš Janácek.
Zápisník zmizelého
The Diary of One Who Vanished - Leoš Janácek (1854-1928)

1. Potkal jsem mladou cigánku (I met a young gypsy girl)
2. Ta cerná cigánka (That black gypsy girl)
3. Svatojanské mušky tancija po hrázi (Fireflies)
4. Už mladé vlaštúvky ve hnízde vrnoží (Already young swallows)
5. Tecko sa mi ore (Heavy are my steeds)
6. Hajsi, vy siví volci (Hey, you light-colored oxen)
7. Ztratil sem kolícek (…
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